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Multiple language auditing is indispensable for global industries.

As geographic borders become more porous, effective multilingual software is essential to successfully monitoring and commanding logistics operations.

CT's software, FreitRater®, communicates and translates 38 languages and consolidates all global region information into one platform for business intelligent reporting.


CT Logistic's auditing software, FreitRater®, currently operates in over 61 global currencies.

FreitRater®'s flexibility supports the following:


  • Your carrier invoices in a local currency
  • You need to pay them in a different currency
  • Your reports must show all payments in a third currency


CT Logistics' FreitRater® software can easily manage all of these conversions.


CT's rating and pricing engine, FreitRater®, is a highly customizable solution that offers the most robust, flexible rating and pricing in the industry.

FreitRater® software provides the ability to auto-rate the most complex shipment scenarios, allowing for the audit of freight bills or invoicing shipments with complete accuracy.

CT Logistics' software is a turn-key solution that is developed, supported and maintained internally by CT software engineers.


Reduce your freight costs with parcel audits using CT Logistic's parcel audit software or parcel audit services.

CTrak® (CT's proprietary software or service solution):

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