Supply Chain Optimization

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Global Supply Chain Optimization Software


CT Lion® (Logistics Intelligence Optimization Network) software will determine the lowest price for all of your shipping lanes regardless of:CT Lion


  • Multiple modes
  • Carriers
  • Legs, via ports, hubs and depots
  • Service types
  • Equipment

CT Lion is a comprehensive freight management tool for determining the most efficient and least cost shipping route for all shipments.

CT Lion develops Execution Plans for your specific shipment scenarios.  All execution plans are retained for future reference and reporting.


Global, Multi-Modal Freight Routing: CT Lion® is the industry’s premier freight management system that determines the optimal transportation route by calculating all legs, modes, carriers, service types and equipment simultaneously.

  • Reduce overall shipping costs upfront

  • Eliminate manual processes

  • Instantaneously receive lowest cost lane information for complex, multi-leg shipments

  • Dynamically creates accurate execution plans

  • Gain better visibility of options for your shipping scenarios


Global, Multi-Modal Freight Rating: Price lanes from direct input, spreadsheet or interface.

  • Generate spreadsheet rating / pricing that is sortable, filterable and exportable to spreadsheets

  • Save historical results of executable plans into a reportable database for future needs

  • Easily create and save user defined templates, that are flexible and customizable

  • Price multi-leg, mode, equipment and service type routes

  • Calculate any shipping costs quickly with over 17 million permutations per minute


CT Lion® easily interfaces with all ERP systems.


Global Supply Chain Optimization Software for Rating and Routing: CT Logistics will deliver this software solution for your use. Options for this package are below.

  • Software Purchase: Purchase CT's FreitRater® software package and install at your site; includes access to software support team.
  • SaaS, Software as a Service: 24/7 access to your personal and secure FreitRater® software on CT's servers with a fixed monthly fee. Your personnel perform all contract rate entry and audit functions.
  • BPaaS, Business Process as a Service: 24/7 access to your personal and secure FreitRater® software on CT's servers with a fixed monthly fee. CT personnel perform most of the back office auditing tasks, however you have easy access to view and/or update any of your rates or business rules 24/7.

Our Enterprise

Commercial Traffic was founded in 1923 and serviced clients with personalized audit and payment of their freight bills. It was the start of CT Logistics.

CT Logistics' Global Freight Audit unit, based in Birmingham UK, provides a wide range of global service offerings.

Commercial Transportation Management Services provide a complete 3PL product delivery system based on procurement services and management of a national contracting system.

Commercial Transportation Services provides freight rating, freight payment, auditing, expense allocations, freight bill auditing, freight billing process and management reporting software.