FreitRater for Freight Bill Auditing

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FreitRater® for Freight Bill Auditing

CT Logistics' can increase your cash flow with our FreitRater® Freight Bill Auditing Software or Service.  FreitRater® will audit every shipment electronically to recover money from your total freight expenditures.  FreitRater® delivers client specific audit services including:

  • Complex general ledger account code allocation down to the SKU level
  • All mileage and distance, rates and product classifications are calculated and audited
  • Any bureau carrier rates or all contractual discounts and negotiated rates between each shipper are audited
  • All shipment data is reviewed for BOL number, shipper, consignee, destination, HAZMAT classification, weight, taxes, previous payment, misapplied accessorial charges, shipper’s liability and other edits and validations to insure the freight bills meet the shipper’s requirements for freight payment
CT's FreitRater® rating engine software with CT's AuditPay® freight payment system allows for you to immediately benefit from immediate savings.


Freight Bill Audit Outsource Solution:  CT Logistics will ensure that each shipment and all charges are audited.  CT Logistics will provide you with:

  • A Complete Outsourced Solution: Customized client specific freight bill audits performed by CT's FreitRater® software and monitored by CT's auditing experts.
  • CT WebTools®:  Incorporate cutting-edge web tools that allow secure internet access to current and historical freight bill data, resolution, reporting, processing data and image retrieval.
  • CT WebTools®: Generate your own customized reports: Audit savings reports and management reports to fit your needs. Choose from standard reports, or produce ad hoc reports from our proprietary FreitWriter®/PC report generator.
  • Real-Time Freight Payment Inquiry.  Check the in-house status of your freight bill processing and payment. Inquiries are listed by check or B/L number.


Freight Bill Audit Software Solution:  CT Logistics will deliver this software solution for your use.  Options for this package are below.

  • Software Purchase:   Purchase CT's FreitRater® software package and install at your site; includes access to software support team.
  • SaaS, Software as a Service:   24/7 access to your personal and secure FreitRater® software on CT's servers with a monthly fee.  Your personnel perform all contract rate entry and audit functions.
  • BPaaS, Business Process as a Service:  24/7 access to your personal and secure FreitRater® software on CT's servers with a monthly fee.  CT personnel perform most of the back office auditing tasks, however you have easy access to view and/or update any of your rates or business rules 24/7.