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CTS: Commercial Transportation Services

Commercial Transportation Services software products, including FreitRater®, provide freight payment software, freight rating software, auditing, expense allocations, freight bill auditing, freight billing process and management reporting. Development of our products is backed by over 100 years of rate-based transportation experience.


FreitRater®: Freight Rating Software, Freight Routing Software and Freight Bill Auditing Software

CT Logistics' universal, in-house developed software is an extensible pricing and rating engine for the transportation industry.  FreitRater® is applicable for every aspect of shipping and auditing freight transactions.  FreitRater®, has the ability to process highly complex rating structures quickly and accurately. Designed to run as a stand-alone application or interfaced with existing applications.  FreitRater® is an excellent choice for an enterprise class solution.

CT's in-house development team consists of programmers with between 4 and 31 years each of FreitRater® experience.

FreitRater® software is currently used by over 20 of the largest trucking lines in North America and over 25 Fortune 1000 corporations.


Choose the FreitRater® package that meets your requirements:

  • FreitRater® for Carriers:   With FreitRater® as your rate repository, you can bill your clients correctly the first time reducing your costs of invoice processing and increasing your client satisfaction. 
    With additional modules available, you can publish rate sheets for your customers directly from the same system you use for billing; plan and price multiple leg shipments; and evaluate pricing across multiple clients and lanes with the CT Lion® module.

  • FreitRater® for Shippers:   Integrate your order processing systems with FreitRater® to increase your efficiency of shipment planning with more accurate costs. 
    With additional modules available, you can plan multiple leg shipments, determine lowest cost alternatives, price across modes, all with the CT Lion® module.

  • FreitRater® for Shippers:   Freight bill auditing software.  This FreitRater® package includes CT AuditPay®.

  • FreitRater® for Shippers:   Parcel auditing software.  This FreitRater® package includes CTrak®.


FreitRater® System Compatibility:

Client/Server Unix or Windows environments. 
CT FreitRater® uses Rocket software.

All of CT's FreitRater® software solutions:

  • Uses a SOAP based architecture that integrates into almost any system
  • Utilizes a user friendly Winform® or WPF® based interface. 
    Interface capable (.Net) with Java for AiX, Unix and SQL.